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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Going on an Adventure Was Never This Easy

03 Jun Going on an Adventure Was Never This Easy

Even before summer vacations begin, most people are already planning their trips to make the most of the holidays from school, college or work. You might plan a trip with your family, friends or might just travel alone as a self-loving experience. Wherever you plan to go, the most important decision to be made is regarding the medium of transport you are going to opt for. Unless you are extremely spontaneous and love to go with the flow when it comes to traveling, you might want to set out a plan to help you get to your desired destination. The more simple and self reliant your plan is, the more adventurous it will be. Once you have set out a budget for your entire trip, you are ready to look for inexpensive yet fun ways to travel.


Hitch or Carpool

Definitely the easiest, cost saving and exciting ways is to hitch-hike. This is ideal when you are traveling all by yourself. Just pack a shoulder bag and set out taking lifts to go from one place to the other. There are high chances, depending on your luck and nice drivers, that you won’t have to spend even a single penny on traveling. You’ll meet strangers on the way and searching for a car to give you a lift will give you a separate feeling of spontaneity. In case you are traveling with a small group of friends, or even alone for that matter, you can carpool with other friends or with someone who’s traveling to the place you wish to go to. This way the cost for fuel will be divided equally among everyone and you can travel while enjoying the company of your friends.


The Right Vehicle

If you plan to arrange a vehicle on your own for the sake of comfort or because you have to carry a lot of luggage, you can rent it out or borrow from a friend. A mid size truck is the perfect choice for a small group of people who have a whole range of paraphernalia that they want to carry for an adventure. This truck is a perfect choice for a trip to the hilly areas and forests. Otherwise, you can hire a small car for minimal luggage also depending on the number of people who will be traveling. Hiring a small car also ensures that you remain within your set budget.



Many times, travel agencies, airlines and private rent-a-car service providers offer special discounts to groups with a specific number of people. So you can convince your lazy friends to go on a trip or get in touch with people online to form a group and travel in order to avail the offer. Many good companies also come up with seasonal offers and discounts during peak travel times such as national holidays, summer or winter vacations etc. Always keep a look out for such offers to be more cost effective in your traveling plans. Also, if you are a student there are high chances that you might find various student discounts and packages by travel agencies and airlines.


Adventures are the most fulfilling and satisfying when you haven’t spent too much on your trip and still enjoyed every bit of it. The first-hand organic experiences become memories that are to be cherished for a long time. An adventurous trip requires you to be open to challenges and deal with them in the most fun and thrilling way. Moreover, saving up traveling costs can help you in numerous ways in enjoying other aspects of the trip. Not just that, you will meet new people and have new experiences as well. Being an adventurous soul can be difficult sometimes, given the money constraints or insufficient traveling options, but if you plan it out beforehand and look around more closely for options, you will end up having an experience of a lifetime.


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