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Fun family games to play while travelling

24 Oct Fun family games to play while travelling

If you are travelling with your family and are wary of the long distances taking a toll on you, you could keep busy by playing some games on your trip.

Games help families to bond, and keeps everyone entertained and active. They could help you build more anticipation for the trip, create memories as you travel and help improve your children’s ability to learn. Interactive games will help keep the youngest members of your travel party entertained, engaged and happy in each others’ company.

Here are a few games to play while travelling.

I Spy

This game is interactive and observational, and will keep your children busy for a long time. While it is best played on the road, it can also be customized for air and water travel.

The game is played in turns. The central figure prompts other players to find a specific item by giving out hints. Typically, the lead states “I spy with my little eye something..” and fills in the last part of the declaration with a descriptive hint. The players take turns at guessing until they identify the object.

This game might improve your children’s cognitive ability. They will use a selection of hints to make calculated guesses in hopes of winning a turn.

If you are an adult ravel party, you can customize the game with specific adult themes and restrictions. This game will keep everyone occupied for hours on end.

Tic Tac Toe


This game is a pretty straightforward two-player strategy game. In a 9-square grid, players take alternative turns in an attempt to get three squares in a straight line. One player marks their turn with an O on the board, while another mark X.

Games usually last a short amount of time because players take about seven turns in total. For best effect, you could print out a number of Tic Tac Toe templates before you travel to make sure that the players will be occupied for a long time.

It helps to develop problem-solving skills, and is ideal for both children and adults. The game’s requirements are simple, and it can be played on any trip.

You should not forget to pack a spare pen because this game can last the length of your trip.

The Hangman


This game will help to boost memory and can be customized to fit specific themes. In the Hangman, one player chooses a secret word. They write down the number of letters that make up the word. Other players take turns guessing which letters make up the name. With every failed attempt, the first player draws part of a hanged man, for seven total attempts. If the players can guess the word before all parts are drawn, they win. If not, the hangman wins.

This game is fun for both adults and children. It can be customized to align with your trip. For instance, if you are travelling to a specific place, you could restrict the selection to only things that can be found there. It will help improve your children’s creativity and ability to learn about places they have travelled to.

Six degrees of separation

This game is based on the belief that every person in the world is connected by a maximum of six relationships

In this multi-player game, one player names two things that might have a relationship. The type of choices can be selected beforehand, or may be arbitrarily chosen. Other players try to connect the two selections by their relationships, making sure to have less than six steps in their answers.

This game is suited for adults due to its potentially explicit nature. However, you can also develop a version suitable for children by limiting the type of choices that can be made. It will keep all parties entertained and engaging in conversation.

The game is convenient and can be played on any type of trip. You should remember to keep players away from the internet for a better experience.

Fortunately and unfortunately

This creative game is fun for both adults and children. Participants are required to engage in conversation, but must alter the nature of their sentences depending on the most recent one. If one player states something positive, the next player must state something negative within the same topic. Participants are also required to use either fortunately or unfortunately before their phrases. Players who are unable to follow the strict pattern are eliminated, until one player remains.

The game will keep your travelling party active and competitive. It could be an important tool for learning about new places.

The worst film

This game is designed for adults as it can have explicit content. However, you can restrict the type of films chosen or the explanations given to make it child-friendly.

In this game, one player explains a film plot in the worst way that they can come up with. Other players get a limited number of guesses to determine the film. The winner chooses the next film, cycling until the travelling group is worn out.

The game helps to build creativity, even in adults, as players are forced to come up with original descriptions of films that they have watched. To prevent any cheating, because some film plots may be similar, players may be urged to write down their film’s title beforehand.

The worst film will keep you guessing all the way to your destination.

Never have I ever

While this game is not traditionally designed for the outdoors, it can work while travelling. It is suitable for all ages, depending on the type of questions asked and punitive action expected.

A player states “Never have I ever..” and fills in something that they have not done. Players who have committed this action are required to take a bite of food, drink some amount of their beverage or carry out one previously approved action.

The game helps to create points of conversation among the traveling party, which may cause them to develop stronger bonds

Final thought

Keeping active on your trip will help you have a better trip. These games will make sure that everyone is active and entertained. For more tips n how to have fun while travelling, Read here to discover what else you can do to have a fun trip with your family.


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