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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Food Packing Tips for Your Next Travel Adventure

14 Nov Food Packing Tips for Your Next Travel Adventure

Taking a trip, whether you’re driving, hopping a train, or flying, requires some planning. No matter how long you’re going to be gone for, you make sure that you have the essentials. This might include things such as your wallet, clothes, toiletries, and maybe a good book or two.

If you’re going to be traveling for any length of time, what about food? Many people think they’ll just grab something at the train station or hit a convenience store on the road. What if you’re running a bit behind, though, or you’re on a patch of road where there’s nothing for miles? Packing your own food saves you time and money. It also reassures you that you (and your family) will have something no matter where you are on your journey. Here are five tips for packing food for your next trip.

The Bag Matters

The bag you pack your food in is incredibly important. You don’t want is for the bottom of the bag to give out, possibly crushing the foods you packed or causing a major mess. Choose a bag that has a sturdy base and a secure handle. This way, no matter if you’re grabbing the bag from your trunk or running from one train to the next, your food will be safe.

Another important bag factor to consider is the size. While this might not be such an issue if you’re traveling by car, it may be a major concern if you’re traveling by train or airplane. No matter your mode of transportation, make sure your bag will fit easily where you need it to go so that no one is uncomfortable in their seats.

Consider a Supplement

When it comes to grab and go snacks, it’s easy to stock up on convenience foods like chips and pretzels. Eating healthy on the road can be difficult. To ensure that you get your essential vitamins and minerals while you’re on the road, consider packing up a supplement like Primal Plants. You can find plenty of positive Primal Plants reviews that speak to the health benefits of the supplement and it’s easy to pack for any trip.

Choose Foods That Won’t Make a Mess

When you’re confined to any space for any period of time, you don’t want to be dealing with sticky, messy hands after eating a snack. This can make doing anything else (such as reading or checking traffic on your phone) impossible. Stick to foods that won’t make a big mess such as crackers, pre-cut vegetables, apples, berries, homemade muffins, and homemade granola. Instead of a sandwich, make a wrap. This way, the food is contained inside of the wrap and there’s less risk of the food spilling out. Even with foods that aren’t messy, don’t forget to pack some napkins, just in case.

Avoid Food That Will Go Bad Easily

If you’re going on a longer trip, it’s a good idea to avoid anything perishable. The last thing you need is for someone to get sick in the middle of your journey. Ice packs in your bag can help to keep cold foods cooler longer, but anything that needs to be refrigerated shouldn’t be out of refrigeration for longer than two hours.

Don’t Forget Water

Hydration is essential on any trip. If you’re traveling by train or car, be sure to pack some water bottles for everyone. If you’re traveling by plane, make sure that you grab a few water bottles from the store past security before you board.

When packing for a trip, don’t forget about packing food for your journey. This way, when the stomachs start rumbling, you don’t have to spend any time at all wondering where you can get something to eat. Instead, everyone will have something readily available. This can go a long way in avoiding the irritation that often comes with hunger and ensuring that the trip is enjoyable.

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