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Florida Is More Than A Vacation Spot

20 Aug Florida Is More Than A Vacation Spot

Florida might be known for its sunny beaches and amusement theme parks, but living in Florida has a lot more to offer than just a vacation spot. Florida is home to more than 18 million people for a reason, and that number continues to grow on a consistent basis.

The following are 7 great reasons that you should consider Florida more than just a vacation spot:

There is No State Income Tax:

The state of Florida has no state income taxes, which can help you save money to spend on other things that you would rather spend that money on. The lower cost of living benefits residents and allows them to live a more comfortable life without having to make more money to do it.

If you are looking for a less expensive lifestyle that doesn’t require you to go get another job, the absence of state income taxes can help you do just that!

Weather is Generally Favorable:

Sure it might get hot in the summer, but most of the time the weather in Florida is quite nice most of the time. Unless you are in the panhandle and experience the rare snowfall, you’re not going to have to shovel it very often and southern parts of the state may only experience a frost or two per winter.

While it might be 95 degrees in July, 75 in January can feel downright amazing when everyone else you know is digging out from feet of snow. Companies thrive on Tampa Bay solar energy as they allow you to use solar power for your home and you can get plenty of sunlight to power your modern lifestyle.

Summer is the rainy season, but even in the summer, you can usually get in at least a few hours of sunshine each day before the rain begins. Outdoor activities are not a total wash as you will find that most days if it rains it’s only for a couple of hours and the rest of the day can be quite nice. The rain showers also feel good when it’s humid and 95 degrees out. It can help you cool down even a little bit, which is welcome during the hottest summer months.

Florida is Beach Central:

Florida has over 663 miles of beaches. If you want the beachfront property, you are looking in the right place. While it can come at a price in certain areas, it provides beautiful views of the water and you can walk to the beach in just minutes.

That sounds like a tropical paradise, right? Well, in many ways it is.

You can get homes at a variety of prices while choosing if you want to live inland or near the beach. You get all of this while still being connected to the mainland USA and not trapped on a small island.

We consider this the best of all worlds.

There Are Year Round Outdoor Activities:

Whether you love fishing, hiking, biking, or water sports, you can almost always be outside in Florida. The summer offers swimming weather and many people who have pools can use them 6-8 months out of the year, rather than for 2-3 months like up in the north.

IF you are an outdoorsy type, you have selected the right place to move. While sometimes hot, it’s comfortable and relaxing and you can then live where people vacation.

Florida is a Golf Mecca:

Florida is home to over 1,250 golf courses. If you are a golfer or love watching professional golf which comes through the areas often, you will love being in Florida. You can golf almost year round and in January, the most you will probably need to go out on the “coldest” days is a windbreaker and long pants!

Amusement Parks:

If you have little ones, living in Florida allows you to get resident rates for amusement park passes for places like Disney World, Busch Gardens, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and more! You can go often as you want with your season passes with the exception of a few special events and holidays. These passes can keep kids busy while they are on breaks or out of school in the summer, or even on weekends.

You can enjoy great discounts on family events and get your fill of rides and roller coasters for a fraction of what those who come in from out of state pay.

Florida is Quite Wealthy:

Finally, if you are looking for the “upscale living”, Florida has got you covered. Ritzy cities like Boca Raton provide a high standard of living and the income to live comfortably. The average income of a Boca Raton resident is over $71K per year. The average income in Palm Beach is even more impressive at over $110,000. If you want to live right, Florida is the place for you.

These are some great reasons that you want to call Florida home. When you do, you can say that “You live where others vacation!”        

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