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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Finding The Perfect Cruise

11 Mar Finding The Perfect Cruise

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Why A Cruise?

Jumping on board a ship and going for a cruise provides a wonderful way to take a relaxing break, allowing you to enjoy a range of amenities, such as a spa and a good gym, along with many other options, each of which are designed to help you enjoy yourself while travelling to multiple places. With many cruises offering an all-in package, you don’t have to worry about additional costs, with all of your meals and drinks thrown in. Many people who go for a cruise for the first time, find themselves thinking about booking another one, as soon as they get back on shore. Not all cruises are the same, of course, and what is perfect for one person may be horrible for someone else, so working out what you want in advance is a very good idea.

Size Of The Vessel

While some might think that where you want to visit is the first thing to consider, in truth, the size of the ship can have a very serious impact on your holiday. The larger the ship, the larger the docking area required, which can mean you moor at an industrial dock, while smaller vessels can visit much more scenic places and dock closer to town. Large vessels can easily resemble a giant theme park, making you forget that you are actually on the water, while smaller ones bring you closer to the vastness and power of the ocean, which of course has its downside if the weather gets rough.

Location And Time

Once upon a time when we thought of a cruise, places like the Caribbean would spring to mind, though today you can take a cruise pretty much anywhere in the world. Where you are travelling and the amount of stops along the way obviously affects the amount of time you are going to be on board. Shopping around for good cruise deals will find you options ranging from around three days, to three months or more, for round the world journeys.

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Finding a good deal is not as simple as you might think, as prices, along with what is and isn’t included can vary dramatically, even more so when changes in season are taken into consideration. The first price you see advertised may well appear super cheap, but may be for a rabbit hutch sized apartment with no outside views, and leave you paying out for a range of options that are not immediately apparent.

Basic meals are generally included, while some of the restaurants on board can cost extra, as things like on board Internet use to shore excursions. It can sometimes be better to buy a more expensive package from luxury cruise operators where everything is thrown in.

Why Am I Going?

Different cruises have different “personalities.”  If you want a nice quiet and peaceful cruise, boarding a party vessel is not likely to provide for a successful trip, while family-orientated cruises are likely to have a fair number of kids running around breaking your tranquillity. The larger the vessel, the more passengers are likely to be on board, but a wider range of entertainment will be offered.

Image Source: Pexels

Ensuring you come away from your cruise happy and satisfied, is going to depend on you making the right enquiries about all of these factors, and it really pays to shop around for the right package and price.

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