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Why Is Fiji Such a Special Place on Earth?

14 Oct Why Is Fiji Such a Special Place on Earth?

Why Is Fiji Such a Special Place on Earth?

If you’re a passionate globetrotter who loves exploring new exotic destinations, you’ll definitely want to learn more about Fiji – one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Pacific Ocean.  Stay with us and keep on reading if you want to know what makes it so special and unique because it really is a wonderful place worth your attention!

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It has the most outstanding beaches in the world

When you think of Fiji, what are the first things that come to your mind? Well, if its stunning white sand beaches framed by clear, turquoise waters and some breathtaking palm trees are your first association with this place, welcome to the club! The fact is that Fiji is very well known for its outstanding beaches, exciting marine life, and the candy-coloured coral reefs, which is exactly what makes this place so authentic and worth visiting. Honeymoon Beach is surely one of the most exclusive beaches here, and its perfect crescent shape will definitely make you fall in love with this place. White sands surrounded by leaning palms and rocky headlands will contribute to this thrilling experience even more!

You’ll fall in love with its stunning islands

As you may (or may not) already know, Fiji actually consists of 333 islands located in the heart of the South Pacific. Many of these are luxurious, private islands that offer a number of all-inclusive resorts and fabulous spas, which is why so many people are drawn exactly to this part of the world. The largest group of islands belongs to Vanua Levu Group, and the smallest ones are in Conway Reef Islands and Skerries. Savusavu is one of the most popular towns located at Vanua Levu, and it’s said to be Fiji’s Hidden Paradise for a good reason. Even though it isn’t really easy to find, once you get there, you’ll experience the true beauties of this amazing island!


You’ll enjoy delicious Fijian cuisine

Fijian food is another important element of the overall experience, so be sure to try out some of the most famous delicacies like Kokoda – a combination of finely chopped raw mahi-mahi fish and miti – a dressing made from thick coconut cream with onion, salt, chilli peppers, and lemon juice. Apart from coconut oil and other by-products, taro is another essential ingredient in Fijian cuisine. It is a potato-like root but with a violet hue, which can be mashed, boiled, and even prepared like fries or chips. You mustn’t skip it if you ever visit Fiji!


It’s an extremely popular destination among the younger population

Fiji is definitely one of the most popular exotic destinations in the world, especially when talking about the younger population. So many young people can’t wait to visit this extraordinary place and see its breathtaking beaches, amazing spas, and great resorts, which is exactly why many of them decide to take this trip right after they finish their high school. There are some fantastic Fiji schoolies programs you can opt for if you’ve just finished your high school. You definitely won’t regret choosing any them since such programs are an awesome way to explore new destinations and have the time of your life with a group of your best friends!


It’s a highly Instagrammable place that looks even better in person

Let’s be honest – Fiji is a truly Instagrammable place worth visiting, especially if you want to make some fabulous photos and get a bunch of likes on social media. Yes, this sounds a bit superficial, but the fact is that Instagram has taken over other social media and became the most popular platform to share bits of your life with other people. That’s exactly why people love visiting this amazing place – it provides an opportunity for getting an incredible photo while looking and feeling even better in person. So, if you ever find yourself there, be sure to both enjoy Fiji’s natural beauties and take some magnificent photos. Remember: everything is about the balance!


As you can see, each of these five points perfectly explains why Fiji can be perceived as a truly special place on Earth. Some even call it a heaven on Earth, and there’s just one way to prove that true – visit this marvellous place and you’ll realize that everything stated above was nothing but the truth!



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