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Eat Like a Local: 5 Best Places to Eat in LA

27 Mar Eat Like a Local: 5 Best Places to Eat in LA

Are you visiting LA for the first time? Or maybe you’re a local looking for a new spot to eat around the city.

You want to know where the locals go because those are always the best places to eat in LA. Now, not every restaurant in Los Angeles can be a local favorite, so we compiled all the favorites and it came down to these five!

Best Places to Eat in LA

The food scene in Los Angeles is like no other and full of some amazing choices. No matter what type of food cuisine you’re looking for, you can find it here in LA. Here are just a few of the very best.

1. Tacos Y Birria La Unica

Everyone loves tacos and if there is one place to go try the best tacos in LA, then its Tavo Y Birria La Unica. Even though LA is loaded with different places that have all kinds of various tacos, this should be your number one stop.

The flavor profiles here are insane and worth the wait! they are cash only so make sure you bring some!

2. Pizzanista

Even though New York likes to claim that they have the best pizza, but Pizzanista can prove them wrong! This local chain makes an amazing crispy and flavorful crust, made with sourdough.

The local favorite is located in downtown, LA and sells by the slice! This is a must-eat in Los Angeles.

3. True Food Kitchen

Where delicious dining meets nutrition, True Food Kitchen is a foodies paradise. They offer amazing tasting food and carefully crafted cocktails. An excellent place with quality food quality ingredients!

Not only do they offer magnificent tasting food in the restaurant, but TFK also is a catering restaurant offering an excellent catering menu and unique private dining experience!

4. Sugar Fish Sushi

You can’t really experience LA without having quality sushi and Sugar Fish should be your first stop! The restaurant prides its self with Nozawa-style sushi, which keeps to the traditional type of sushi – meaning no California rolls.

Sugar Fish now has several locations but offers the best simple and pure sushi in the Los Angeles area.

5. Ray’s and Stark Bar

If you’re looking for a place that provides not only delicious food but also a romantic and chic environment, then Ray’s and Stark Bar should be added to your list of good places to eat in LA.

It’s difficult to find a restraint with an exceptional cocktail scene with so much competition in the city but Ray’s is an urban culinary delight and has the nation’s most artisanal selection of beers and spirits!

Enjoy Los Angeles

The city of LA is a wonderful place to get away and experience an amazing food scene. Los Angeles is a huge city and it constantly popping up with new restaurants. These are just a few of the best places to eat in LA, but there are so many more!

Plan a trip to LA and start eating as the locals do!

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