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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Diving Into The Top Beach Locales To Visit This Spring Season

19 Mar Diving Into The Top Beach Locales To Visit This Spring Season

The weather is heating up in much of the world—and that means it’s time to start planning your vacation.

A trip to the beach is a fantastic way to spend your time during the summer, especially if you hit one of the top beach destinations.

Between swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, there’s enough to do on a trip to the beach that the whole family will enjoy your trip.

Here are five of the top beach locales to visit once the weather warms up, and you’re ready to hit the sand.

1. Maldives

The Maldives offers one of the best beach vacations in the world. They’re the center of many an Instagram-worthy beach shot, and there are plenty of different options for you depending on your specific needs.

While this spot is perfect for couples, it’s also great for families or singles just seeking out a little bit of privacy for their vacation. The nation is entirely isolated, and it will take a while to get there (especially if you hail from the United States).

That said, if you appreciate peace and quiet, these should only be good things for you.

2. Kauai

This Hawaiian island is a beautiful choice for beachgoers who also want a little bit of adventure.

This isn’t a place to lounge in luxurious spas or hotels. Instead, this is a beach where you want to get your hands dirty and see everything that the island has to offer.

Anyone who’s into hiking or outdoor excursions is going to love the island of Kauai. Adrenaline chasers are welcome.

3. Fiji

If surfing or scuba diving is more your style, you might enjoy Fiji for your next beach destination.

The place itself is gorgeous, with sparkling waters and white sands. If your goal is to live in the lap of luxury, you can certainly do that here.

You can also experience the ocean, or watch some Fijian customs to really get a cultural experience.

4. Maui

Hawaii boasts two of the top beach locales, and for a good reason. The islands all have their unique qualities.

Maui is a bit more bustling than Kauai, so it might be better suited for the standard vacationer.

You can undoubtedly lounge on the beach or in the hotels, or you can watch traditional hula dancers (and if you’re lucky and respectful, join in) or go snorkeling to observe the reefs.

5. Crete

If you want to get a taste of history mixed with the modern, visit Crete. Here, you have options.

You can live amongst the modern structures and have a standard, beautiful beach vacation along one coast of the island. You can also visit another coast and see influences from centuries ago, including bits and pieces of 11th century Venetian architecture.

What are Your Favorite Top Beach Locales?

There are so many places to visit, and every option is a good one. Spending some of your summer sprawled out on the sand, or snorkeling with sea life is a priceless experience.

For more information on travel destinations, check out the rest of my blog. There’s nothing quite like seeing the world.

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