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Cruising the Globe: 4 of the Best Cruise Destinations for Your Bucket Lis

20 Nov Cruising the Globe: 4 of the Best Cruise Destinations for Your Bucket Lis

Going on a cruise may let you enjoy the journey, but the destination matters, too. For the cruise of a lifetime, try these best cruise destinations.

In 2018, over 300 cruise ships took to the waters. Throughout the year, over 26 million people boarded those ships.

It’s clear that cruising is becoming more and more popular. And with that many boats and possibilities, it can become overwhelming to pick exactly where to cruise to.

If this is a problem you face, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Continue reading and we’ll walk you through the best cruise destinations you need to know about.

The Galapagos Islands

Just off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are famous for their biodiversity and beautiful landscapes. They also sport some of the best beaches in the world and year-round perfect temperatures.

It’s best to cruise to these islands because it’s an archipelago. That means it’s a cluster of islands and it would be too burdensome to fly from island to island.

Grand Turk

An island based in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Grand Turk is extremely popular when it comes to cruise excursions. The island is known for its white, sandy beaches and welcoming residents.

Carnival cruises actually spent millions of dollars in order to create a cruise port for its customers. Here, you can visit restaurants, shops, spas, and bars.

And at the Grand Turk Margaritaville, you can chill in the large pool and utilize the swim-up bar.


Home to the largest national park in the world, Greenland is a must-see for people looking to go on an exciting cruise. Where else can you see the Northern Lights in the fall and polar bears in the summer? You can even go kayaking between icebergs.

As tourism in Greenland is still a somewhat new thing, it’s best to cruise there. Lodging and restaurants are a little limited on the actual land.

Inside Passage, Alaska

The Inside Passage is host to whales, sea lions, bald eagles, and porpoises. Along the many mountains, you’ll find lush green forests. Anyone looking to spot hard-to-find whales and grizzlies should definitely visit Inside Passage.

The Amazon River

The Amazon is an entire world within itself. It’s so dense with trees that it’s been nicknamed the lungs of the earth. If you’re looking for a ton of biodiversity and culture, an Amazon River cruise is perfect for you.

While boating along it’s river, you’ll find sloths, giant otters, crocodiles, jaguars, and piranhas! The Amazon river spans Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela. And no bridges go across it.

This means that the best way to see the river is by cruising along it. The second half of the year is the dry season. This means you’ll be able to see more but might not have access to as many tributaries and other bodies of water.

Finding the Best Cruise Destinations for You

When you’re looking for the best cruise destinations for your family, think about what you want to see and how far you’re willing to travel. There are so many magnificent places on this earth that, no matter where you want to go, a cruise can probably get you there.

Looking for other travel tips? Check out the rest of our blog today!

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