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Travel Blogger from Norway
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North America

Where to go in the USA: 10 Places You Must Visit

Whether you’re traveling to the U.S. for the first time or simply revisiting an old friend, you should definitely make room in your schedule to visit cool spots that America has to offer. Instead of spending time on movie nights and dance clubs at home,...

12 Things You Can’t Miss While Visiting Florida

12 Things You Can't Miss While Visiting Florida It doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting Florida as a tourist or as an American, there’s so much you can see and do. From the amazing Wizarding World of Harry Potter to the Nasa Kennedy space center; there’s a...

Way up North – Places to Explore in Alaska

Winter is finally here, and there is no better place to plan your well-deserved winter escapade than the great north. Mind you, Alaska is magnificent just about any time of the year, with plenty of adventure and exploration opportunities for tourists and travellers alike. However, winter...

Visit Canada and fulfill your dream Canadian Bucket List
Visit Canada and fulfill your dream Canadian Bucket List

  A guest post by Priya from Travel World Guide. The year 2017 marks as Canada’s 150th birthday and in recent times a lot of interest has been generated by this country that has intrigued and allured many globe-trotters. Whatever little glimpse and knowledge of Canada they...