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Travel Blogger from Norway
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How Can You Travel Long Term?

17 Jan How Can You Travel Long Term?

Many travel addicts can’t get enough of travelling and want to come up with more and more ideas of how they can travel, and what they can do to enable them to travel for longer. There are loads of great ideas out there that can help you get the most out of your travelling, and here are a few great ideas as well. Travelling doesn’t have to break the bank account, and you can do it while earning money at the same time. There are so many different ways you can travel, to all parts of world, without be a tourist. Although this can be super fun, there are so many alternative ways to travel out there for you to try.

You can try volunteering, or why not try teaching English? There are so many opportunities out there, so make sure you utilize the skills you have, because you have far more than you think! Traveling is an amazing, and eye opening experience, so make sure you take advantage of everything that is on offer to you. Travelling can benefit you in so many ways, from opening up your eyes to to new cultures, new languages, and learning how other people live their lives. Staying for longer than a weekend enables you to immerse yourself in that culture, and the people that inhabit it. Long term travelling enable you to open your eyes in a new and different than the usual tourist weekend does. Read onto find out how you can travel long term, and how it is so much more accessible than you think.



This stands for teaching English as a foreign language, and if you are reading this then you are already a great candidate for the scheme. This is probably the most popular scheme out there, although there are others just like it available. You start by learning from home, and have regular lessons which are fairly simple to pass. You go over some basic skills, and learn about skills that you can develop and apply to potential lessons you might be teaching in the future. All you need is a undergraduate degree, and to have a high level of English yourself to get started on the course. You will also have to attend a teaching weekend somewhere near you.

This is a fantastic opportunity for long term travelling as you are not only living abroad, but you are earning money while you are doing it as well. One of the most popular destinations are countries like Japan, China, or Indonesia. These places have a high demand for teachers that are fluent in English, and once you have your qualification, you can go and look for posts and schools that are willing to take you on. Make sure you look up a house for rent in singapore before you go out there! There are plenty of opportunities, and if you don’t mind teaching and being abroad for an academic year, then this would be great for you.


There are lots of volunteering schemes to get involved with as well. Some like UNA Exchange you do have to pay a fee for, and get out there, but often this covers board and food. Volunteering is not as demanding as teaching, because you are not being paid for it essentially! Volunteering schemes vary in the length of time, so you can definitely find one that suits you. They also vary a lot in what kind of volunteering you do out there. There is everything from social work in the community, helping to preserve and restore the environment, helping to restore urban areas, or helping with children. Whatever your interests, or concerns with the world, there is something out there to suit you.


This is also a great way to see a country from the perspective of the locals, as your host organisation will be made up of local people welcoming you. If you are travelling solo this is a great way to meet people, both other volunteers and your hosts. There is also the European Voluntary Service as well, which offers exchanges of volunteers within Europe. This scheme bases you in a host country for a longer period of time, and has loads of benefits. You get free language lessons, and they are very accommodating with finding your accommodation and caring for you while you are there. This is a great way to meet new people, and learn about a culture from the people who live it. Definitely consider it as one of your long term travel options, it will be well worth it.



This stands for world wide organisation of organic farming, and it does what it says on the tin. This organisation operates all over the world, and aims to spread the message about organic farming methods. When you volunteer with this scheme, you exchange helping out on a farm, for board. Even if you’re not that interesting in becoming an organic farming expert, this is still a fantastic experience. If you don’t mind working hard, getting a sweat on, or having a tan, this would be great for you. Because they operate everywhere, from Scotland, to South America, to New Zealand, you can travel anywhere and everywhere. You can incorporate a wwoofing experience into a longer trip, or you can travel from farm to farm and do it long term. Whatever method you choose, you will definitely have rosy cheeks and be pretty toned by the end of it!

Here are just a few long term travel ideas, to get you research started. Not all of these experiences will be for everyone, but they are all so varied, you are bound to find something you enjoy here. Working or volunteering while you travel is a fantastic way to see new places, and meet all kinds of people. You could up up learning a new language, finding out how to farm organically, or you could help benefit the environment of a local area. Getting involved, teaching, and learning, is what travelling is all about.

  • Krista
    Posted at 23:08h, 18 January Reply

    These are such awesome ideas! I have never done woofing but I have done teaching abroad in Spain and Thailand and I loved doing it! It is a great way to mold some younger minds and able to travel. I would love to do it again! Great post!

  • Katherine
    Posted at 09:13h, 19 January Reply

    I usually travel long-term by moving to a country and then using it as a base. I did that in London to explore Europe for a couple of years, and I’m doing the same in San Francisco at the moment. It’s awesome!

  • Melanie
    Posted at 09:42h, 19 January Reply

    I teach English online to sweet kiddos in China! Teaching English is definitely a great way to travel long-term, not matter if you go somewhere to teach (which I would love to try) or teach through a computer screen. Great tips! We have also always wanted to try volunteering somewhere long-term.

  • Baia Dzagnidze
    Posted at 13:02h, 19 January Reply

    Those are some great tips for whoever’s interested in traveling all the time. I have found my niche, but I haven’t started long-term travel yet. I am still trying to get stable with freelancing 😀

  • Chris
    Posted at 00:26h, 23 January Reply

    These are awesome and informative tips. Do you have more info or experience with WWOOF? I’ve heard a lot about this but wanna hear more personal experiences and anecdotes.

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