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Budget Accommodations: 10 Tips to Help You Score Cheap Lodging

06 Nov Budget Accommodations: 10 Tips to Help You Score Cheap Lodging

By 2020, travelers will take approximately 963.8 million leisure trips a year.

With all the adventures you have planned in the future, it pays off to stick to a budget. A little savvy spending on cheap lodging can help you save for your next journey.

Looking for cheap places to stay?

Here are 10 tips to help you score cheap lodging during your next trip!

1. Home Swap

If you own a home of your own, this tip is just for you!

Home exchanges are exactly as they sound. For a set duration, you can swap homes with a family in another country. For travelers who want to venture abroad, this is a great way to find cheap lodging anywhere in the world.

Home exchanges are growing in popularity as more travelers use online marketing and word-of-mouth.

However, some people don’t choose to home swap because of security reasons.

Remember, you’re swapping your home with another family. Are you comfortable trusting your home to strangers?

Instead of connecting with a stranger on social media, you can use a home swap website to facilitate the swap. These websites will use a verification and security process. You can even talk to the family over the phone before making this commitment.

House swapping isn’t ideal for the casual tourist.

Instead, it’s better for longer stays that range between a few weeks to months. If you’re looking for long-term accommodations, this is the cheap lodging option for you!

2. Consider Location

Before you find a place to stay, determine the various places you hope to visit during your trip.

Mapping out your travels can make it easier for you to find cheap lodging that’s ideal for your journey.

For example, you won’t want to choose inexpensive lodging if it’s miles out of the way. While you’ll save money on lodging, you’ll end up paying extra for transportation.

Instead, try to stay in a central area. Look for lodging that’s close to what you need, including:

  • The airport
  • Public transport
  • Local attractions
  • Food

Feel free to expand your radius a little.

Finding the sweet spot between too close and too far can help you find the perfect place to stay.

For example, these serviced apartments are a great way to save without missing out on awesome accommodations.

3. Head to a Hostel

Hostels are rooms set up in a dorm-like style.

While staying at a hostel, you’ll share facilities with other guests.

Often, these smaller rooms are set up with numerous bunk-beds to house a number of guests. There are also small rooms, singles, and doubles available. From college students to older travelers, hostels work for individuals and couples alike!

Some hostels offer more amenities than the average hotel. They’re also cleaner than many people realize.

Don’t let the movies fool you!

Today, many hostels offer tour desks, bars, curtains, large bathrooms, and WiFi. In addition to providing cheap lodging, hostels are also safe and secure, making them perfect for travelers on a budget.

4. Arrange an Airbnb

Are you interested in a home swap—without making your own home available to guests?

Check out Airbnb, which lists furnished apartments where you can stay for cheap.

If you plan on traveling from one location to best, plan a path of Airbnbs ahead of time. You can stay in the comforts of home-style living without breaking the bank.

You’ll have access to a kitchen, too, so you can cut costs instead of eating out.

However, staying in an Airbnb can get expensive if you’re a solo traveler. This option is ideal if you’re part of a group or couple.

5. Live on a Farm

Want to take the rustic route?

Stay on a farm!

There are plenty of working farms throughout the world that offer cheap lodging. Whether you stay for the night or want to linger, see if you can learn a little about farm living during your stay.

These facilities range between basic camping to luxury rooms. Check beforehand to see what you’re getting into.

6. Monasteries

Want something a little different?

Try staying in a monastery!

These locations are sparse, offering a bed, desk, and simple meals.

Monasteries are both family-friendly and quiet. While some are free, others will ask for small donations. Either way, they’re cheap and relaxing!

7. Check Your Points

To save on accommodation in the future, see what you can get for free!

Check for hotel points through various programs.

Once you’ve collected enough, you can stay a night for free in a hotel room. You can also sign up for a hotel credit card for bonus points.

8. Hospitality Exchanges

For free accommodations, see if you can stay with someone who lives in the area.

Staying with locals offers a number of benefits.

In addition to cheap lodging, you can also use their knowledge of the area to make the most of your trip! As an added bonus, you’ll have someone to hang out with, too.

Staying with a local is a great way to experience the area’s culture firsthand.

You can use websites such as Couchsurfing to find local accommodations. The website uses different levels of verification. Make sure to check the reviews beforehand to make sure you’re staying with someone trustworthy.

9. Want Cheap Lodging? Stay Mid-week

For certain locations, Friday and Saturday nights are the peak time to stay—which means it’s best to avoid them.

Instead of staying during high-traffic periods, book your stay mid-week.

Otherwise, you might find the rate triples during the weekend.

10. Rewards Programs

For extra travel perks, check your credit card for rewards programs and exclusive benefits.

Your credit card or bank might offer special reward points just for booking travel.

The Ticket to Cheap Travel? These 10 Tips

Save money you can spend on an adventure!

Put these 10 tips for scoring cheap lodging to good use and make the most of your next journey.

Looking for more tips and tricks? Explore the rest of the blog before your next adventure!


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