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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Best ways to ease your lifestyle in Abu Dhabi

03 Jul Best ways to ease your lifestyle in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

This article goes out to all the residents of Abu Dhabi to make their lives stress-free and better with the assistance of just a few apps that cover all the important aspects of a catchy lifestyle. You just have to install the following apps and before you know it, they’ll take the burden off your shoulders towards tranquillity.

Beep UAE:

Before looking into the details of these apps, I would like to introduce everyone from Abu Dhabi to Beep UAE, which is the finest portal to sell your car at a lucrative price while skipping all the trivialities and hassle involved in the process. Thus, you must bookmark in your browser and follow the three-step process to sell your car. First, sign-up for an online evaluation and provide the make, model and year of your vehicle. The second step involves booking an appointment for inspection at their branch. Finally, the company will make an offer which if you find reasonable enough, will be given to you in the form of cash on the spot. BeepUAE is an essential tool for all Abu Dhabi residents that caters to your car-related dealings.

  1. DARB:

Moving on towards the apps. The first app on our list is DARB that is represented by The Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport. The app is a pocket guide that provides you updates about the traffic situation in your area. It also features traffic incidents and construction work in Abu Dhabi so that you may decide your route according to the conditions. Moreover, it provides information about parking places as well as the departure and arrival times of flights at the airport. If you’re living in Abu Dhabi, you must have this app to easily sift through the traffic and save your precious time to make your life a lot easier.



  1. Fetchr – Courier Delivery:

If you have to deliver a package of any size and weight anywhere in Abu Dhabi, Fetchr should be the app of your choice. It is the most reliable courier delivery app in Abu Dhabi that uses your phone number as your address. It is useful for both your domestic and commercial delivery errands and allows you to book the delivery time-slot according to the receiver’s schedule. If you need to send something urgently, you can subscribe to Fetchr and get your things delivered expeditiously.


  1. Abu Dhabi Events:

Abu Dhabi is one of the most action-packed destinations in the world. The calendar is filled with torrents of entertaining events including concerts, sports, fairs and various types of shows. Abu Dhabi Events is the app that keeps you up-to-date about all the upcoming events in Abu Dhabi. If you want to have a relaxing time and entertain yourself, you can check any ongoing event and have some fun there. You can also search the events that interest you and set reminders on the app so that you do not forget or miss the event.




  1. Careem:

Are you tired of waiting for your taxi and hassling with the driver for the fare? Careem is the panacea for all these problems. Careem is a taxi-hailing online through which you can book a cab to travel to anyplace in Abu Dhabi. The app uses your location and displays the captains in your neighbourhood. You can either select the captain or input the location that you intend to reach. The app will automatically provide the estimated time and fare of your journey. It’s time to say goodbye to the exorbitant taxis and access affordable rides to anywhere in Abu Dhabi using Careem.



  1. Talabat: Food Delivery:

If you’re having a craving for food and want it delivered at your doorstep, Talabat is the app for you. You can access all the delivery restaurants in your area complemented by a wide range of cuisines and food. Simply browse all the restaurants rather than going through their contact numbers and menus. Also, the app gives the option to enter your location so that it can provide restaurants near to you as well. You can view the restaurant menus and user reviews before deciding what to have. It saves your previous orders so that if you’re craving for something that you’ve already tried, you can order again instantly. Thus, Talabat is a must-have app for all the Abu Dhabi residents to cater to your appetite.



  1. Abu Dhabi Guide by Triposo:

This app is a guide for any tourist-resident of Abu Dhabi. It provides you with an insight of the life in Abu Dhabi. It contains a sightseeing section of all the worth watching places in Abu Dhabi. You can also discover the nightlife of Abu Dhabi through this app. It also encompasses a detailed offline map of Abu Dhabi to help you navigate to your desired location. Furthermore, the offline map indicates important places along your route and in your vicinity. So, if you want to have some fun and adventure, this is the app you need to turn to.


About the Author:

Ali Jan Qadir is a passionate blogger who loves to share his experiences. Follow him on Twitter @alijqadir





  • Candy
    Posted at 12:10h, 18 July Reply

    These all sound like very useful apps. I definitnely would get the DARB app. I don’t enjoy sitting in traffic so anything that gives me traffic updates is my best friend 🙂 Hoping to visit Abu Dhabi soon!

  • Paige W
    Posted at 21:16h, 18 July Reply

    These definitely sound like some tips that would make getting around Abu Dhabi much easier! I would love the food delivery on one of those lazy days during travel!

  • Cat
    Posted at 23:45h, 18 July Reply

    A great list of apps to help explore Abu Dhabi! Abu Dhabi Events sounds like a useful one to find out what’s going on in the city!

  • Mel Butler
    Posted at 03:48h, 20 July Reply

    I have only ever done a layover in the airport in Abu Dhabi on my way to Australia. I was hoping next time we done a layover there that I would take a couple of days to have a break and explore the place. These app’s sound really useful to have especially the Events one that would you allow you to go and meet with others in your area or have the same interests.

  • Claire
    Posted at 17:21h, 20 July Reply

    Any food ordering app gets my vote! I love going out to try local food but sometimes just want to chill at home and order with the touch of a button!

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