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Travel Blogger from Norway
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Best Places for Families to visit in Sri Lanka

16 Jun Best Places for Families to visit in Sri Lanka

Sri LankaDo you wonder where to spend your holidays with your family? If the answer is yes, so just get up, grab your gear and take our traveling guide to see one of the most exotic family destinations that will be full of excitement and jam-pack fun. Sri Lanka is a fascinating place especially for the kids, specific spots for the adults and entertaining for the teens.

Go to different places, explore and let this country change you as a person and the change you will feel in your family, the bond between them will even grow strong, let this country be the reason for your family and yourselves happiness and joy. To guide you with the best and the exotic places in Sri Lanka for you and your family to enjoy, here are the top five Sri Lanka travel tour package locations which you would want to see because trust me, they are really worth it.

Galle Fort/ Dutch Fort

Appreciate an amazing day out with your family to a standout amongst the most suggestive and incredible archeological locales of the world, the Galle or the Dutch Fort. Worked by the Portuguese and braced by the Dutch, this verifiable landmark is one among the best family attractions in Sri Lanka. Amid your trip to this well-known visitor hotspot, stroll around and witness the excellence of the pilgrim structures. Together with your friends and family visit the historical center, bistros, bookshops and antique shops arranged inside the clamoring structures of the fort. To reach the destination you can easily by boarding a bus or contract a taxi from the capital city, the Fort is 132 KM far from Colombo.


Travel to Kandalama and jump in for an adrenaline filled hot air swell ride with your family. Fly up in the sky and peep down to see the astounding excellence under your feet. Hot air swelling will open up to the dreamlike magnificence of the mists and unending all-encompassing perspectives. You can easily find this place by hiring a bus, which is approx. 165 km from Colombo.


Visit the tea trails of Ceylon and get transported to the pilgrim time. Sri Lanka’s tea bequest will be one among the best places to visit with Family. Nothing will be more magnificent than going for a walk over the lavish green tea ranch with your family. Not just you will have an alternative to stroll over the tea domain yet will likewise get a brilliant opportunity to find the whole tea making process. The easiest way to reach this destination is by cab and it is around 125 km away from Colombo.


Discovering the famous family trip in Sri Lanka can be genuine fun, however, taking the streets to a unique area can be much all the more fascinating. Amid your visit over this different nation don’t miss to decide on a charming town visit to Vedda. Together with your family, appreciate finding the nearby lifestyle by taking off to this town. Meander past the minor settlements of a community who lives in the forest. This place is a bit far away as it is almost 250km away from Colombo.



Travel around and explore the miracles of Colombo, the regularly clamoring capital city of Sri Lanka. Travel like a nearby in a tuk-tuks (cars) and draw out the impassioned roamer in you. Tuk-tuks fill in as incredible methods for transport as they take all of you around the appealing areas of the city. In the event that you happen to burst into a well-disposed and patient driver, you may very well get sufficiently fortunate to stop wherever you wish to and take the same number of photos as you need alongside knowledge into the lives of local people.

  • Patricia
    Posted at 17:22h, 20 June Reply

    Sri Lanka just sounds amazing. I definitely want to explore Galle Fort/ Dutch Fort and Vedda. Of course, then I’m going to spend some time on the beach, for sure. Sri Lanka was already on my travel bucket list, and now it’s even closer to the top. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lisa
    Posted at 06:13h, 21 June Reply

    I’d really love to visit Sri Lanka one day. All these places sound incredible, but to see those tea plantations would be wonderful. I don’t have a family (yet!) but can imagine Kandalama would be a fun place to take them, and myself too!

  • Ambuj Saxena
    Posted at 06:13h, 21 June Reply

    I’m glad you’ve written this blog. There are so many friends who are planning a trip to Sri Lanka and are looking for credible source of info.

  • Cori
    Posted at 10:29h, 21 June Reply

    These all sound like fantastic places to visit! I know so few people who’ve been to Sri Lanka who don’t have family there, it’s really an unappreciated destination for a lot of Americans. Visiting tourist spots that aren’t already inundated with obnoxious Americans is always a bonus!

  • Sally E
    Posted at 17:38h, 22 June Reply

    I have been dying to go to Sri Lanka for awhile now! I think I’d personally really enjoy a visit to Ceylon as I find tea plantations to be fascination. I didn’t realize just how diverse the country is landscape wise before I read this.

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