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Travel Blogger from Norway
Travel Blogger from Norway
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All Aboard! 10 Best Places to Cruise in the World

13 Feb All Aboard! 10 Best Places to Cruise in the World

We live in a world with 195 unique countries.

Each one offers landscapes, buildings, politics, and cultures different than the next.

Traveling enriches our lives and helps us grow through new experiences. Though you may not be able to visit every single one of them, you should try to at least travel to the best places to cruise!

Here they are.

The Globe’s 10 Best Places to Cruise

Whether you want to sail the vast oceans or enjoy some European River Cruises, incredible destinations await!

Read on to learn the 10 top cruise destinations around the world.

1. Scandinavia

Test out Odin’s favor in the Viking seas around beautiful Scandinavia! For a laid-back experience, Norwegian Cruise Lines offers some of the best cruises to go on in this area.

Visit places like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark! Marvel at castles, glaciers, historic farms, and quaint cities. On the Baltic, the turquoise lakes and vast forests will take your breath away.

Nordic cuisine often consists of berries, potatoes, meat, and fish. While there, try out the raw Salmon dish, Gravlax, and get gluttonous with the delicious Scandinavian meatballs!

2. France

Visit France, one of the best places to cruise! This romantic country will not disappoint you.

The French Riveria provides a picturesque coastline and opportunities for incredible shore excursions! Shop at the Cours Saleya Market in Nice, where you will find a wonderful assortment of colors, aromas, tastes, and items for purchase. Or, gamblers may want to venture into Monte Carlo to try their luck!

Taste the regional specialties, aïoli Garni and bouillabaisse. And, of course, sip on some local wine as you enjoy some Faisselle.

If you travel into the more temperate climate of Paris, see the Eifel Tower in all her glory from the river! Do not miss out on Parisian baked goods, like Crepes, Macaroons, and  Chouquettes.

3. Italy

For another top cruise destination, cruise to the Amalfi Coast. Enjoy views of the pure white buildings of Amalfi, mountainside homes of Positano, and the breathtaking landscape of Montepertuso.

Watch out for the awe-inspiring island of Capri, where the Faraglioni rocks will drop your jaw. If you get the chance, rowboat through the Blue Grotto, for an amazing experience.

Discover the enchanting gardens in Ravello and taste fresh lemons in Erchie. Do not miss out on the incredible cuisine of the Amalfi Coast during your travels!

4. Greece

Every cruise critic knows that you must make your way to the Greek Islands at some point in your life. Experience breathtaking views and incredible fun.

The volcanic island of Santorini will wow you with stunning views and amazing sunsets. Enjoy the black sand beaches of this island and climb the active volcano for a little adventure! On your stop to Mykonos, enjoy amazing beach life and then dance into the night at Cavo Paradiso.

While in the isles, enjoy some of the most wonderful cuisines in the world! Taste the Taramasalata, and do not miss out on the fresh sea dishes, like the octopus.

5. Singapore

One of the newer popular cruising destinations is Singapore in South East Asia.

The amazing architecture will catch your eye from the sea while the clean, eco-friendly streets will grab your attention on the land.

You will love the energy here, and the way they create the city as a part of nature will astound you. Enjoy the national dish, chili crab, while visiting this amazing destination!

6. Japan

Experience Japan via cruise ship. On land, walk through beautiful gardens, participate in a tea ceremony, and check out the electricity of Akihabara at night!

While there, you did not want to miss the chance to shop at the Tsukiji Market! Also, visit Senso-Ji, the ancient temple of the goddess of mercy. Pop into Sushi Dai for incredibly fresh and delicious sushi!

7. Australia

Take a down under to the coastlines of Australia. The Western coast of Australia catches the Leeuwin current, making for warmer swimming waters.

Enjoy beautiful beaches, surfing, scuba diving, and spelunking! Whale watching from June to December to see spectacular Southern Right, Blue, and Humpback whales.

Western Australia also houses several world-famous wineries that you do not want to miss. While on the Island, let your tastebuds enjoy the fresh catch of the day and barbequed snags and lamingtons.

8. The Carribean

You do not want to miss out on popular cruising destinations in the Carribean! Here, you will find so many great Islands to explore!

In Jamaica, trek the jungle to swim in the beautiful Blue Hole and enjoy animal experiences at Dolphin Cove! Snorkel the gorgeous Cayman Islands for incredible views of stingrays, sea turtles, and other incredible wildlife in their natural habitat.

Enjoy one of the beautiful sandy beaches of Antigua and snorkel through the incredible coral reef. Marvel at the turquoise waters of Aruba and explore the desert landscapes.

9. The Hawaiian Islands

Say Aloha to beautiful Hawaii! Here, you can learn to surf in the sea, and explore volcanic lava rivers on the land!

While on the islands, make sure you attend a luau, so you can experience the rich culture and cuisine of the natives! Make sure you attend one of the best luaus for the most authentic experience.

10. Alaska

Looking for a super cool experience? Go on an Alaskan cruise!

See incredible land animals, like polar bears, roam the open lands, and let the massive glaciers astound you.  If you take your trip from May to June, you may get to see Orca’s jumping through the water.

Helicopter to sled dog camps in this icy region. Eat the freshest Alaskan King Crab anybody could ever offer you on your journey!

Cruise the World

When deciding on where to go next, keep these best places to cruise in mind. But, if you can, explore them all and more—because cruising is a luxurious way to explore the world.

Do not limit your journeys when you live on such an incredible planet.

Traveling for me is not only a vacation but ore a way of life. Check out more of my travel tips so you can experience our world in the best way possible!


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