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8 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Your Next Adventure

29 Oct 8 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Your Next Adventure

If you are a fan of exploring the open road and spending your free time enjoying nature, setting aside vacation hours for a lengthy camping trip is a great way to embrace some getaway time. There are many factors you should take into consideration when you are planning your next camping trip. To get the most out of your time off, take into consideration the suggestions listed below.

Storage Space

Make sure you have more than enough storage space in your vehicle to pack everything you need for your trip. You will want to confirm that you and your travel partners can remain comfortable during the drive while still having everything you need on hand. If you intend to engage in a lot of sports activities, you will want to consider using a larger vehicle that can accommodate any equipment you may need to bring. For example, you can use Subaru Forester cross bars to store equipment and other heavy cargo, which can come in very handy.

Wipers and Washer Fluid

Consider replacing your wipers and ensuring your windshield washer fluid is topped off. Wipers require regular replacements to work well, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions such as excessive heat or snow. You will also want to go out of your way to make sure your washer fluid is filled up. By changing out your wipers and ensuring your washer fluid is topped off, you will have an easier time maintaining visibility even while driving through difficult weather conditions such as heavy rain.

Vehicle Lights

Conduct a quick inspection of all your car’s lights. Confirm that the headlights, brake lights and interior lights are all working as intended. For extended car trips, having spare bulbs on hand will help protect you from surprise bulb burn outs.

Tires and Alignment

Take time to inspect your tires before you embark on your journey. You will want to confirm that your tires are properly aligned, that the tire pressure is within recommended amounts and that the treads haven’t been excessively worn down. One of the quickest methods for checking your tire treads is to take a penny, place it into the tread grooves with the head facing you, and see if Lincoln’s head is showing. If you can see the entirety of Lincoln’s head, your tires are due for a replacement.

Oil Levels

Consider getting your oil changed sooner rather than later. You will be able to confirm your oil levels are topped out. You can conduct an oil check yourself to figure out if your oil needs to be changed or topped out.

Phone Chargers

Bring extra phone chargers along. Include chargers that can be used while you are in your vehicle in addition to portable power banks that can be used on the go. 

Emergency Kit

Pack away a kit that can be dedicated to addressing surprise emergency situations. In addition to having tools on hand to deal with various car-related issues such as flat tires or a dead battery, you will want to pack away basic first aid supplies, a flashlight, jumper cables and bottled water. Look into getting non-perishable food items as well in case you become temporarily stranded while awaiting roadside assistance.

Roadside Service

Look into getting emergency roadside service so that you will be protected even if you run into an unanticipated incident on the road. By securing 24/7 roadside assistance, you will help avoid getting held up by surprise issues such as locking your keys in the vehicle, a car breakdown or a flat tire.

When it comes to planning for your next camping trip, you will want to take steps to make sure your time on the road is comfortable and safe. To ensure that you are able to make the most of your vacation, use the tips listed above to make sure your vehicle is good to go before you depart.


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