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6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Move to Canada Now

26 Sep 6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Move to Canada Now

Located north of the United States, Canada is considered one of the best countries in the world for immigrants. Not only does it offer citizenship, but it also extends its arms to help foreign nationals grow both financially and personally.

Canada has one of the richest economies in the world and will do everything it takes to remain among the most prosperous countries. This includes continuously improving their position in the nine pillars of prosperity: business environment, economic quality, governance, education, health, natural environment, social capital, personal freedom, and safety and security. This reason alone should be enough to convince you that migrating to Canada from the United Arab Emirates may just be the best decision you ever made yet.

Still having second thoughts about moving to Canada? Below are six more compelling reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate anymore:

1.   Less Rigorous Immigration Policies

Unlike many first-world countries, Canada has a less rigorous immigration process that makes it easier for foreigners to qualify for immigrant status. In fact, the country didn’t reduce its Immigration quota even when faced with the effects of the global recession.

2.   Extensive Visa Programs

Aside from straightforward immigration policy, Canada also offers a wide range of visa programs that covers almost any kind of worker, from employed workers and self-employed professionals to businessmen.

For those who weren’t lucky enough to qualify, the country also provides non-immigrant options that allow them to work or study in Canada. After availing such offerings, they would then have another shot at getting approved for a permanent resident visa.

3.   Immigrant-Friendly Culture

One more compelling reason why you should consider migrating to Canada is its immigrant-friendly culture.

According to statistics, some 35 million or roughly 20 percent of the country’s total population is foreign-born. Half of the population in Toronto alone are immigrants. Add that to the many immigrant communities in other Canadian towns and cities and you should get a clear picture.

Canadian natives have become very welcoming to immigrants. In fact, they have been lauded for their high tolerance of ethnic minorities, giving the country a well-earned liberal reputation. The country has also been pioneering civil rights and was recorded as the very first non-European nation to accept and make same-sex marriage legal.

4.   Access to Education and Free Basic Health Care

Those who have migrated to Canada can attest that the country’s outstanding education and health care benefits are granted to all, including immigrants. This is another major reason why you shouldn’t have second thoughts about moving to the country.

The Canadian education system is excellent and covers even the world’s best higher education institutions. Permanent residents of the country are also granted access to free basic health care, which means there’s no need to pay for exorbitant medical treatment and health insurance fees.

5.   Fosters Personal Freedom

In the past years, Canada has been commended for being the best at ensuring personal freedom among its citizens. In fact, it topped the 2015 Prosperity Index from London-based thinktank Legatum for ensuring democracy and the rule of law across the land.

It continued its excellent performance in this particular pillar of prosperity and ranked first yet again in personal freedom in the more recent 2018 Legatum Prosperity Index. The country has also been lauded as one of the most consistent performers in the Index, ranking eight out of 149 nations in the overall scores.

6.   Ideal for Raising a Family

Because of the education and health care benefits offered to permanent residents in the country, Canada is also considered the most ideal nation for raising a family. In fact, it has been praised to have better job opportunities for professionals and the standard of living compared to other first-world countries.

Plus, it ranked among the top 10 in terms of safety and security, which is why many consider it as one of the safest countries on Earth. It records very low violent crimes, which is primarily attributed to rare gun ownership due to the stringent process of acquiring a licensed weapon. It also has a considerably stable political environment.

The Takeaway

Although the country is not perfect, Canada is considered the best place to move to, especially for employees, professionals and their families. Aside from offering an excellent standard of living, the country and its government also aim to help people grow at a personal and financial level, which is something considerably commendable for a nation from North America.



Bevan Berning is an Immigration professional and owner of Pathway Visas, an Immigration Agency dealing mostly with skilled immigration to Canada and Australia. Bevan’s enthusiasm for the industry has kept in the Immigration field for the past seven years. Bevan is South African by birth and has been residing in Dubai for the past eight years.

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