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5 Tips to Inspire Your Children to Play Outside

03 Dec 5 Tips to Inspire Your Children to Play Outside

When it comes to leisure activities, it can be difficult to persuade your children to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. While there are many fun distractions available indoors, urging your children to embrace outside activities can result in the development of healthier habits, promote social development and help keep your family active. Take a glance at the suggestions given below to get your family outside more.

Dress For The Elements 

If your child is too warm, too cold, wet or sunburned then they will have a far more difficult time enjoying anything outdoors. Make sure your child is appropriately dressed for the season by supplying him or her with plenty of clothing items that can suit all weather conditions. Invest in a great pair of kids rain boots for rainy days and comfortable, breathable clothing for hot summers. Go out of your way to stock up on sunscreen and SPF lip balm and ensure your child understands the proper application processes to help him or her stay safe from sunburns and chapped lips.

Bring Indoor Activities Outside

For some children, the thought of trading their tried-and-true activities for the unknown can be unappealing. Try setting up some of their favorite games in an outdoor area in the beginning to slowly acclimate them to the great outdoors. Playdough and clay-based crafts make excellent outdoor activities. Other creative pursuits such as finger painting are also perfect for the outdoors, particularly as they are far too messy to enjoy freely inside. Aim for non-electronic toys and games that won’t be too badly damaged by the perils of mud and sticks and always encourage your children to use their imagination to connect with their surroundings. After a while you may find that they appreciate the freedom that being outside affords them with specific games or tasks. 

Establish an Outdoor Base

Young ones prefer to spend their time around areas that are nurturing, stimulating and safe. The comfort of a nest can make a world of difference for introverted children in particular. These areas may be easily found around the home and may not be as easily identified once your child leaves to play outside, which can cause some children to develop a subconscious aversion to outdoor spaces. Try setting up a “comfort station” for them nearby where they will be playing. This space should include the things that bring your child comfort such as small snacks, a pitcher of water or a box of juice and cushioned places to sit. Designate a blanket or pillow set that you do not mind getting dirty as the go-to for picnics and outside playtime. Some basic toiletries such as baby wipes can also be a good idea for any child that detests a messy face and fingers. 

Make It a Family Activity

Designate specific days or weekends that are dedicated to outdoor activities that suit the current season. Set aside time that is used for outdoor fun, such as a weekend day that’s dedicated to time at the park or a few hours after family dinner that are used for a quick game of basketball in the driveway. By making it a family activity, you can lead by example while also staying fit yourself. To add even more excitement to it, you can set aside days for special family trips that involve journeying to a nearby water park, checking out a zipline adventure together or perusing a rock climbing opportunity in the local area.

Try Out Geocaching

If your kids have displayed interest in scavenger hunts previously, geocaching is a great way to get your family outside while also taking advantage of modern technology. Geocaching is an outdoor activity where treasure hunters use GPS devices to hunt for caches that are hidden all over the world. Geocaching will encourage your children to explore the local outdoors.

By promoting outdoor activities, you will help your children engage in healthier habits while bonding together as a family.

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