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5 Things You Should Know About Visiting the United States

13 Dec 5 Things You Should Know About Visiting the United States

There are some countries in the world that just need to be seen, and the USA is one of them. Click here to learn why you should be visiting the United States

Planning a trip to the US?

You’re not alone! Indeed, 37 million foreign tourists entered the country in the first 6 months of 2019. It says a lot that those figures represent a decline in typical tourist visits to the country!

This is clearly one hugely popular travel destination.

All the same, there are some key things to know before you go. Want to make the most of your trip?

Here are 5 essential things to know about visiting the United States.

1. You Need an ESTA

America is well-known for its strict entry requirements.

That said, the Visa Waiver Program now allows 90-days of visa-free travel for visitors from certain countries around the world. Great Britain, Australia, Denmark, and Belgium are just a few examples.

However, anyone entering under this program still needs to gain approval for entry first! The ESTA (short for Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) has been set up for this purpose. You need one even if you’re entering the US for a brief layover between flights.

Thankfully gaining the ESTA visa is relatively cheap and straight-forward. Just remember to do it!

2. It’s Enormous

Here’s a quick one:

The US is a big place. Don’t underestimate it. If you want to cover a lot of ground, make sure you give yourself enough time to do so.

Likewise, think about how you plan to get around. Anyone hiring a car can expect to spend hours at a time moving between US destinations. Consider flying for a more time-effective mode of transport.

3. Get Ready for Big Meals!

The landmass isn’t the only sizeable part of traveling in America.

The portion sizes of meals out can be of belt-loosening proportions too.

Get ready for supersize meal options at every turn. You’re sure to walk away from your trip a few kilos heavier than when you entered the country.

4. Remember to Tip

America has a strong tipping culture.

Go to a restaurant, leave a tip. Go to a bar, leave a tip. Ask a strange for help…

Okay, so we were kidding on that last one. But you get the picture. Though it’s always voluntary, tipping is expected in establishments around the country.

Make sure you carry some cash around with you for the purpose.

5. Get Ready for Guns

It’s rare to see guns in most countries around the world.

They’re the reserve of police and soldiers. But not in America! Here, owning a weapon is a constitutional right that many people choose to exercise.

In a few parts of the country, you’ll find people openly sporting a weapon on their hip! Everywhere you go, though, expect to see guns lining the shelves of stores.

Remember These 5 Things When Visiting the United States

Tens of millions of people visit America every year.

And for good reason! This giant country has a lot to offer anyone who wants to come. However, there are also important things to know before visiting the United States.

Hopefully, this post has highlighted 5 key things to help anyone make the most of their time in the country.

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