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5 Reasons you should travel across Australia with a motorbike

10 Jun 5 Reasons you should travel across Australia with a motorbike

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Seeing the world either by plane or by car isn’t as riveting and truly remarkable as you would do that with the engine stripped between your legs. Embarking on a journey across Australia with a motorbike is an adventure of a lifetime. Not only will you have the unique opportunity to see magnificent wonders that this country has to offer, but all your senses will be enlivened once you stop seeing travel as getting from point A to point B. Therefore, going on a motorcycle ride will open up a totally new world of traveling, and as you are going across the stunning Australian landscape you will undoubtedly have a one-of-a-kind memorable experience. Still not convinced? Here are the top five reasons you should see the ‘kangaroo island’ with a motorbike.

1. Disconnect to reconnect

When you are traveling alone or with a passenger behind, you both have a genuine opportunity to seize the moment and blend with nature wherever you are. And the land down under is rich with astonishing and captivating sights and untamed nature that is absolutely a must-see. However, something that a motorcycle ride offers for every single biker who wishes to embark on an unforgettable journey is tranquility. When you have a chance to disconnect from the outside world, be on your own in a serene and gorgeous environment, you are able to unwind, set your mind at ease, and completely break free from the hustle and bustle of perpetually daily chores. If you are looking for a road where you can totally immerse with the surrounding and disconnect from the outside world, you should ride across the Great Ocean Road (VIC). This famed Australian road with roughly 120 km stretches from Torquay to Glanaire, past the Twelve Apostles.

2. Empowering retreat

Unlike with other means of transport, when you travel with a motorbike you can basically go anywhere your heart desires. What is more, you are able to go to some distant and rural places where tour buses can’t reach. You are not limited by the number of tourists, long queues, fixed schedules, or with any other touristic limitations. You can go wherever, whenever you can. The freedom of traveling and exploring luscious Australian environment with a motorbike gives you the mesmerizing chance to recharge with positive energy, de-stress and focus on staying mindful. Ride along sweeping corners along the Black Spur Road in Victoria and find Zen in lush tall rain-forests and witness giant ferns along the way. Only make sure that you have the necessary equipment, and inspect that everything is properly working on your bike. If necessary get numbers from experts who can replace motorbike battery on the road so that nothing impedes your journey.

3. A lucrative option

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Even though you may find some cheap package holiday offers, nothing can be as lucrative as exploring the Australian wilderness on a motorbike. All you need is your positive attitude, a backpack with basic essentials, and some extra cash for fuel. The great thing is that bikes release zero carbon emission and above all parking is a breeze. All in all, traveling around a wast country such as Australia is super economical, not to mention having the flabbergasting opportunity to see almost all dazzling sights the country has to offer. There is no need to worry about accommodation because you can either sleep in a teen and enjoy stargazing or stop at a motel by the road. If it is fully booked, or the pricing doesn’t suit your budget, you can easily hop on your motorbike and find the next one. Australia is well prepared for the roaming travelers and is ideal for those looking for a taste of the great outdoors. So, you will be able to come across fun and fully-equipped campsites to spend the night.

4. Having a more gregarious outlook

As you embark on a unique ride across Australia, be prepared to meet and greet different people. Bike enthusiast loves to meet like-minded people, but as you traveling across Australia you will have a chance to meet gregarious locals who would gladly invite you to their house for a pint of beer. You may even come across a cycling group or a club and receive moral support to push you up the steep hill such as you may find in Adelaide. Riding in a group along the Australian coasts is truly an incredible adventure. However, if you are more of a person who is keen on freedom, you can ride along the Kangaroo Valley. That ride has just about every you could ask for. Sensational suburban scenery, scenic waterfall views, coastal roads, and beautiful National Park. By opting to explore Australia along this road you will experience all the mentioned wonders plus have a chance to meet people of different nationalities in cafés, restaurants, and bars along the road.


Neil White is a automotive&travel journalist from Sydney. Neil was into cars since he can remember, and road trips are his greatest childhood memory.

Combining journalism and traveling is something that he was dreaming about, so now he is considering himself a really happy person.

5. The mindful growth

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Many old-school bikers will tell you that riding a motorbike is just like going on psychological therapy. You have the freedom to be yourself, do what you please, and go wherever you wish without having to worry about tedious traveling problems such as border holds and delays. Riding a motorbike gives you the chance to grow as a person, and when you are riding across Australia, seeing the picturesque sights and experiencing wild nature would be just as an active therapy. For instance, every local biker will recommend riding along Australia’s number one highway, the Oxley Highway in NSW. This is one of the most well-known and beloved roads in Australia, especially the 165km stretch from Wauchope to Walcha which local bikers reckon as a real motorcycle’s lovers dream. As you ride along this road you will utterly unwind and relax. The road is your therapy, your second home, your sanctuary, and riding across Australia’s wilderness will surely be captivating mind exercise.

Be prepared to take two or three weeks of work to roam around Australian roads. Don’t forget to take your licenses, passports and other documents and get ready for an amazing adventure.

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