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5 Places To Eat Crab Around The World

20 Nov 5 Places To Eat Crab Around The World

When traveling around the world trying local cusine is a must! Check out these must-see places to eat crab.

Over 3 billion people globally rely on both wild-caught and farmed seafood as their main source of protein. Whether you’ve grown up as one of these people or think seafood is an exotic and sophisticated food, you may have a taste for it.

And if you do, then you’ll want to try crab dishes from different areas of the globe.

If you’re looking to try food around the world, then keep reading. I’ll tell you what types of crabs you’ll see in restaurants and some of the best restaurants to have them at.

Types of Crabs You’ll Find in Restaurants

As you can guess, some types of crabs will be more readily available in some areas rather than others. Below, we’ll go into detail about the types of crabs you’ll find at restaurants so you’re more familiar with them before we dive into the best places to eat them at.

Alaskan King Crab

This is the most popular type of crab you’ll see in restaurants. They’re the biggest species in the world; in fact, they can grow to have a leg span of 5 feet long!

There’s delicious white meat to be found inside. In general, people only eat the meat found inside the legs.

The Alaskan king crab is best found between October and January. And as its name suggests, you’ll find plenty of them in Alaska and the Bering Sea.

Snow Crab

If you frequent buffets, then you’re probably already familiar with the snow crab. These are relatively cheap since they’re easy to get.

You’ll find the snow crab in the North Atlantic and North Pacific sea, mostly from January until April.

Like with the Alaskan king crab, most people only eat the legs of this crab.

Dungeness Crab

The Dungeness crab is an amazing crab that barely needs any seasoning or sauces. When you bite into its delicious meat, it tastes as if it was already basted in butter.

Unlike with the Alaskan king and snow crabs, most diners eat whole Dungeness crabs, which makes it worth every cent you spend on it. And since this is a pretty pricey crab, you’ll be glad you’re getting everything you can out of it.

Although you can find these crabs in restaurants all year long, the best times for them are from late fall to late spring.

The Dungeness crab is also native to Alaska and all along the West Coast.

Blue Crab

These are quite small when compared to the other crabs on this list. Most people eat the body and the larger legs of the blue crab, as it’s difficult to get the meat out of the smaller legs. Because of their size, it may take more effort to eat blue crabs than with other types.

If you’ve seen soft-shell crab on sushi menus, do note that it’s not a different breed of crab. Instead, it’s usually molted blue crabs.

Stone Crab

The stone crab is not a cheap crab, and you’ll find them in Florida from October to May.

Why are they pricey? Because their fishing method is unusual. Instead of hauling up the crabs and selling them whole, fishermen clip just one claw off each crab, then toss them back into the water to regrow their claws for next season.

Because of this, you probably won’t get to taste a whole stone crab; just claws.

Spider Crab

If you travel to Europe or Japan, you’ll find this variety of crab there. They taste much better than the ones found in Florida, as they’re sweeter and softer. This is probably due to the difference in climates.

Horsehair Crab

This is another crab you’ll find in Japan; more specifically, around Hokkaido. It’s considered a delicacy, which means it won’t be cheap. However, it’s always worth a try, especially if you’re in the country!

1. Kyodo Ryori Tei Sugi no Me Main Store (Susukino, Hokkaido)

If you’re a fan of feasting for both your eyes and your stomach, then you’ll certainly be pleased with this Japanese restaurant.

Kyodo Ryori Tei Sugi no Me is located in a stone storehouse that’s over a century old. Inside, you’ll find clean and simple decorations that are very traditional.

Because the restaurant is based in Hokkaido, you’ll enjoy an array of fresh seafood, including crabs. If you were interested in the description of the horsehair crab from above, then you’ll be pleased to know that this restaurant serves up the best sashimi version of it!

Do note that if you want to try the horsehair crab, you need to make your reservation at least 2 days in advance.

At this restaurant, you’ll also get to enjoy the Crab Kaiseki Yotei Course, which gives you a taste of all sorts of crabs.

2. La Mar Cebicheria Peruana (Various Locations)

Looking for a twist on American-style seafood? Then try some Latin-flavored crab dishes.

You can find this restaurant in Lima, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Doha, Miami, San Francisco, and Santiago de Chile. So wherever you’re traveling to, chances are, you’re near a location.

La Mar Cebicheria Peruana offers the freshest seafood, which means their menu is constantly changing to accommodate that. Obviously, the types of crab you’ll get to try will depend on when and where you go.

Crab dishes they serve include ceviche, empanadas, makis, soup, and pasta. Or you can have the crabs all on their own with Latin flavoring.

3. GW Fins (New Orleans, Louisiana)

If you’re only traveling within the United States, then be sure to make a stop at GW Fins. This restaurant is located between Bourbon Street and Dauphine Street, which means you’re sure to have a grand time both before and after your meal!

This restaurant offers the best in fine dining, with impeccable service and an outstanding atmosphere. Their most popular dishes are soft shell crab and lobster dumplings, so make those your priorities to order!

GW Fins uses both fresh seafood and the highest-quality seafood that can be flown in. This is an award-winning restaurant, so you definitely won’t be disappointed when you decide to dine here.

4. Mama’s Fish House (Paia, Hawaii)

Let’s say you’re sticking within the United States, but are going to one of the beautiful Hawaiian islands. Are you going to Maui? Then stop off at Mama’s Fish House.

This restaurant has its own fishermen who catch fresh fish every morning, just 30 miles offshore. This means everything you eat has been caught within the last 24 hours. They’re so proud of this operation that they put the name of the fishermen and where they caught their fish right on the daily menus.

Some examples of Hawaiian dishes with crab you can enjoy include Mama’s Stuffed Fish and bouillabaisse. You can even request some complimentary homemade poi!

With fresh fish and crab on the menu, Mama’s Fish House is a dining experience you’ll never forget.

5. Masuyone (Tsuruga, Fukui)

Japan’s seafood is so exemplary that I just had to have two locations on the list!

Masuyone is a very popular restaurant in Fukui, which borders the Sea of Japan. Because of this, you can bet there’s a whole menu full of fresh seafood to try, including regional crabs.

This restaurant is run by a fishmonger, so you know he only sources the best seafood he can get his hands on.

If you want to get your fill of crab, I’d recommend ordering the Crab Course. In this set menu, you’ll get grilled and boiled crab, as well as crab hot pot and rice gruel that has crab in it. Not only that, but you’ll also get to enjoy a sashimi assortment.

Bonus: Crab Dynasty (Online)

If you’re not traveling anytime soon but still have a hankering for fresh seafood, then consider ordering from Crab Dynasty. They’re located in Crisfield, MD, which is considered “The Crab Capital of the World.”

Choose from live and steamed hard crabs, as well as soft shell and soup crabs. If you really want to treat yourself, Crab Dynasty also has other seafood available, such as fish, lobster, shrimp, clams, oysters, crawfish, and scallops.

This should suffice until you can properly journey to all the corners of the Earth to taste what each place has to offer!

Try Food Around the World During Your Travels

Food is such an important part of any culture, so while you’re traveling, make sure you try new food around the world. If you’re a fan of seafood, then you’ll be surprised at what local cultures can do to put their own spin on things, especially with crab.

So write these restaurants down and tuck that list away for the next time you jet off on vacation. Your stomach will thank you!

Need some packing tips? Then check out my other blog posts!


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