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5 Documents You Need Before Going on a Trip to the USA

09 Oct 5 Documents You Need Before Going on a Trip to the USA

The United States is a fantastic place to visit thanks to its wide range of things to see and do! From stunning national parks to never-sleeping city life, there’s something for every type of personality.

But if you’re going on a trip to the USA it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right travel documentation to get you into the country. This quick guide tells you everything you need to know about essential documents and how to keep them safe!

How to Keep Documents Safe When Going on a Trip

Nobody likes to think their bag might be lost or stolen during their trip, but it does happen. Protect yourself by keeping your documents safe so that you can still complete your trip even if your bag goes missing.

Some people choose to wear a special document pouch on their body. This conceals your important papers like your ticket and passport, making it safer if you’re traveling through areas with high street crime levels.

Before you go traveling, make photocopies of your essential documentation, too. Give a copy to someone you trust at home and pack a copy in your main bag. You can’t travel using a photocopied passport – but if it’s lost or stolen, photocopies can make the process of getting emergency travel papers much easier.

5 Essential Documents to Get Into the United States

Without the proper documentation ready in your hand when you reach the United States immigration at the airport, you could be instantly deported. This traveling to USA checklist will help you to remember your essential documents to avoid this scenario!

1. A Valid Passport

Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your date of entry to the country. Any less and you’ll be refused entry – and most travel insurance companies won’t cover the costs of repatriation in cases like this.

2. Your Visa Documents

If you have a visa or ESTA visa waiver, make sure you have the documents to prove this. You may need the payment receipts and copies of any correspondence you’ve had with the US Embassy during your visa application process, too.

3. Copies of Your Itinerary

If you’re stopped for further investigation at immigration, you’ll need to prove you have a plan for your trip. This includes details of your hotels and any travel bookings, too.

When you’re staying with friends instead of at a hotel, write down their contact information and the dates you’ll be staying with them. Immigration may want to get in touch with them to check that your friends are expecting you.

4. Evidence of Your Return Ticket

Much like the evidence of your itinerary, you’ll need to have proof that you plan to leave the country when you say you will. Your return airplane ticket – or proof of onward travel to Canada or Mexico via road or train – will be satisfactory evidence.

5. Letters for Prescription Medications

Some medications are highly controlled in the United States so you’ll need to prove that any prescription pills in your luggage are for your personal need. A letter from your doctor, with their contact information included, should be confirmation enough to satisfy immigration.

What Should You Pack for Your USA Trip?

Going on a trip is all about the adventure into the unknown – so how on earth do you pack everything you need if you don’t know what to expect?!

As well as your essential documents, there are some things every traveler needs to survive on their next vacation or road trip. Check out my blogs for lots of packing and kit tips to make sure you include everything you need for your American adventure!

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