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Travel Blogger from Norway
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5 Bodybuilding Travel Essentials

09 Jun 5 Bodybuilding Travel Essentials

Travel is essential for work, competitions and recreation, but it can set back your bodybuilding goals if not done right. There are five essential things you need to take with you to save your progress or increase it as you travel such as protein powder, gym maps and healthy snacks.


Protein Powder

 The right protein powder can make all the difference, whether at home or on the road, so it is important to find portable solutions for this daily essential when you travel. Chances are that you will not be able to pack your blender or have one already in your hotel room, so finding a powder which can easily be mixed into your water bottle or purchased drink can save you frustration later on. You can find many options such as Tony Horton high impact plant protein which can be portioned out before you leave for more compact travel as well as added to water, juice or other beverages.


Healthy Snacks

Some travel options and destinations are easier for healthy snack planning than others. For instance, road trips are notorious for unhealthy food and it can be difficult to find something healthy to snack on or eat for meals. A good go-to for maintaining your bodybuilding progress is a custom trail mix of nuts and dried fruits or vegetables. You can even make your own granola-based trail mix to eat with yogurt, vanilla protein powder mixed in water or a milk substitute of your choice. This lets you make one healthy snack to fit your nutrition needs and eat it in several different ways.


Eating Out Plans

 Some of the best parts of travel include eating out and partying in new places, sometimes in new cultures, but this can also be the hardest part of maintaining your fitness goals on the road. It is a good idea to scout out various restaurants, grocery stores and marketplaces along your route before you leave and have a plan ready to go. Even if this plan looks like a list of spots where you know you can find the nutrition you need, it can save you having to research the information once you are on the town. For business travel, you can use this list to suggest working lunch locations and avoid eating wherever your host decides. Planning some cheat meals or days in your plans can also keep you on track because you will have less guilt and know that your other meals make up for it.


Gym Maps

 It can be difficult to plan your hotel stays around whether or not they have a gym to meet your exercise needs, especially since not every hotel will have pictures of the gym or even list the equipment available to guests. You can, however, look up gyms close to the hotel and schedule workout sessions with them before you leave. You can also print out a map of workout options and recreational activities in your destination city for more choices. By substituting a gym workout with an activity such as rock climbing, hiking or swimming, you can still meet your workout goals while including the whole group in the fun.


In-Room Workouts

 If you do not have access to any gyms or physical recreational activities, you can pack some simple equipment for in-room workouts. Items like jump ropes and ankle weights are relatively easy to pack for on-the-go workouts, but you can also do push ups, sit ups and burpees without equipment. It is a good idea to hit the gym hard before you leave so your travel days and rest days line up as much as possible.

Staying active and healthy enough to not lose track of your bodybuilding goals can be challenging enough at home, but on the road it can seem impossible. If you take these five essentials with you, however, you can maintain your progress from almost anywhere.

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