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Travel Blogger from Norway
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4 Things to Do Before You Go on Vacation

11 Oct 4 Things to Do Before You Go on Vacation

Whenever you travel, do you have the feeling like you left the oven on in your house? Well, here are little things that people tend to forget to do before they travel. So make sure you do these things before you go on vacation. 

Call Your Bank and Credit Card Company

Remember to call your bank and your credit card company. You need to let them know where you’re going to travel and when you’re going to travel so they can open up your cards. There’s nothing annoying like getting to your destination and your card is not working. At least with credit card companies, they usually have a 24 hour helpline. But if you have a local bank or you’re going to use your debit card where you get the best rate, your small town bank might not be open on the weekends or late at night. So, it’s sometimes hard to get those to turn on. Make sure you your bank makes a little note and you won’t have any problems on your vacation.

Get an International Data Package

The second thing you need to do and the one that will give you the biggest sticker shock when you come back home, is your mobile phone bill. Before you go abroad, make sure you call your phone company. Whether you’re AT&T or Verizon or whoever you are using, make sure you call or go to their offices and get a data package or an international plan for when you’re abroad. When people go abroad, they use their phone to send a couple of text messages and maybe check their email a couple times. They may be shocked to receive a $700 bill when they come back. What happens is data gets really expensive if you don’t buy a special plan and phone calls as well. So get a plan beforehand just so you can save money that way.

Pay Your Bills Before You Leave

The third thing people tend to forget to do is you get to run up for the traveling and you forget to pay your bills. You got to make sure you pay all your bills before you go. If you’re going to be gone for two weeks and you haven’t paid your bills for two weeks before that because you’re getting ready for your trip, you might end up with late fees, and that could hurt your credit score. So make sure you do pay all your bills before you go. What you should do if you’re going to travel a long time like in the summer is to actually double pay your bills. That ensures you don’t have a fine or anything like that from your water company or your electricity company. That makes a little pressure on your pocketbook when you travel, but you have to make that judgment call. Make sure you’ve actually paid the bills because you don’t want to come home and find out they turned off the heat when it’s -6 degrees outside and the house is crawling with fire ants

Hold Your Mail

The fourth thing you need to make sure you do before you go is hold your mail. The US Postal Service has a really simple link on the website you can go to and have your mail held up to a month. Do that the day before you leave and then have it come back the day after you get back. You should do this because if you’re delayed or anything like that, you don’t want a huge bunch of mail in your mailbox with nobody there. If you have neighbors you really like, have them get it for you. Either way, your neighbors would prefer if you had it held. 

Those are just four little things you should do before you travel. Doing them will ensure you have a much more enjoyable time when you’re on vacation. Now you can use your credit cards everywhere you want and your mail is being held for me.

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