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3 Super Great Things to do in Dallas

28 Sep 3 Super Great Things to do in Dallas

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In a city of more than 1.2 million people, it isn’t trouble finding something fun to do that’s a problem. It’s choosing exactly what to do that becomes troublesome when so many phenomenal activities are around. And so, you begin to understand the problem for people in Dallas. Whether you live in the city or have a few days to visit, the plethora of activities can be somewhat overwhelming. Sports, art, music, colorful flowers, and exotic wildlife, history, museums, live shows and concerts -you name it, it’s available to enjoy in Dallas. There is something for every interest, every age, and every background to enjoy in Dallas. But, it’s the three attractions below that give Dallas its claim to fame. B sure to include these three stops on your agenda to secure a good time for all.

Dallas Museum of Art

More than 23,000 works of art are housed in the Dallas Museum of Art. These pieces span more than 5,000 years and reflect a variety of cultures. This museum offers free admission, so there is no reason to miss out on this fun, educational adventure. If you enjoy artwork from the likes of Monet, Picasso, Gaugin, and Rodin, the Dallas Museum of Art will not disappoint. In addition to the amazing works of art, permanent and temporary exhibits. They also offer insight into Greek mythology, African history, and so much more. This is not as popular for smaller children as teens and adults, but certainly poses a good time for most who attend.

The Perot Museum

The Perot Museum is one of Dallas’ most popular kids’ activities, but adults find themselves just as enthralled with the magical hands-on events at this museum. Plan a visit to The Perot Museum and enjoy hands-on Science exhibits and 3D animation suitable for all ages. The Perot Museum offers five floors featuring 11 permanent exhibits, a 3D animation studio, interactive kiosks, educational games, an outdoor play area, and a children’s museum. The robots and Malawisaurus fossils are big hits with kids. Plan to spend a big portion of the day exploring this amazing museum.

Zero Gravity Thrill Park

If your family enjoys living life to the fullest, take a trip to Zero Gravity Thrill Park for fun. This extreme fun park features extreme thrill rides like the Skycoaster, bungee jumping from 7-stories, gliding, and a 16-ft. Freefall attraction. This is not suitable for younger children. However, it is a great time waiting for all ages who want the best adventures that life offers. Zero Gravity Thrill Park is continually ranked as one of the top attractions in Dallas. However, don’t take our word for it when you can schedule your own trip to the park and learn firsthand. Friendly, helpful staff make it easier to enjoy the park, but the great thrills certainly bring people back to the park for more fun.

Enjoy an Adventure in the City

Dallas has no shortage of things to do for people who want a getaway to the city of Dallas or locals ready to get out of the house and live life to the fullest. The three activities above are just the start of the things that you can enjoy in Dallas. Now, pick and choose which activity you want to enjoy first. That is the only difficult decision left to make now that we’ve offered insight into these great attractions. Do not miss out on any of the fun that Dallas offers, whether you have a few hours or plan the entire weekend.


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