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Travel Blogger from Norway
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10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Copenhagen, Denmark

26 Nov 10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Copenhagen, Denmark

Scandinavia is known for its scenery, food, and friendly people. Especially Copenhagen, Denmark! Click here to learn why you must visit Copenhagen Denmark

A few years ago, you might have struggled to find anyone who could answer the question, ‘What country is Copenhagen in?’

Now, Denmark’s capital is fast becoming one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The city is abuzz with great food, cutting-edge design, hip bars, and plenty of history. The friendly locals are more than happy for you to come and see all that Copenhagen has to offer for yourself.

Still not convinced that Copenhagen deserves a place on your travel bucket list? Keep reading to find out why you should visit Copenhagen.

1. Friendly Locals

Ask anyone who’s been to the Danish capital if Copenhagen is worth visiting, and you’ll hear a resounding yes. Push them for a reason why and the first thing that’ll spring to mind is likely to be how friendly the locals are.

Thanks to their excellent healthcare, transport, and general quality of life, Danes often come out on top in studies on the happiest nations. But they’re far from smug about it. Instead, you’ll find their happiness infectious when visiting Copenhagen.

Every waiter, salesperson, or tour guide you meet will likely be helpful and polite, greeting you with a beaming smile and perfect English. It’s enough to make even the most hardened cynic feel warm and fuzzy inside!

2. Gastronomy

Thanks in part to its Michelin-starred culinary highlight, Noma, Copenhagen is well known for its fine dining scene. If Noma is within your budget, it’s worth making a reservation to sample one of their innovative seasonal tasting menus.

If you don’t manage to get a table at Noma, there are many more delicious destinations to put on your list, including Paté Paté, Jurfood, and Enomania.

There’s also Torvehallerne Markets, where you can eat your way to happiness even on a tight budget. Here, you’ll find over 60 stalls offering all kinds of tasty treats, including pastries, cheeses, seafood, gourmet chocolates, and more.

3. Architecture to Admire

Copenhagen’s architecture mixes the old, the new, and the colorful with lots to inspire you, regardless of your particular preferences.

While architecture fans can even join tours of the highlights, you can’t help but take notice as you pass one stunning building after another. Although modern masterpieces can be more attention-grabbing, there is a wealth of older buildings that blend in well alongside the new.

Let’s not forget the rows of symmetrical buildings that the Danes do so well. Color fans should head to Nyhavn, where you’ll find pastel perfection along the canal for a seriously Insta-worthy photo op.

4. Cycle Tours

Although you might want to check the weather with this guide before heading out on a cycling tour of Copenhagen, if the sun is shining, there’s no better way to take in the sights.

The bike is king in Copenhagen, so you’ll feel safe cycling around while you make your way around the city’s streets, parks, and bridges.

5. Art and Design

If you’re at all interested in art and design, you’ll love the wealth of museums, galleries, and art studios the city has to offer.

A jewel in Copenhagen’s crown has to be the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, often called one of the most beautiful museums in the world.

Other highlights include the Designmuseum for avant-garde design at its best and the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek for its incredible collection of art through the ages.

6. Canal Tours

If a bike tour isn’t for you, you can also explore the city by water. A canal tour is a perfect way to sit back and take in many of the best sights, including the Opera House, Black Diamond Library, the Little Mermaid, and the famous palaces.

The best part is that when you buy a Copenhagen Card, which will get you admission to 79 attractions and free transport in the Copenhagen region, it includes canal tours.

7. Stylish Shopping

Visiting Copenhagen can be expensive, so coming home with bags of shopping probably isn’t an option. But, if you’re in the market for a classic luxury piece, you’re sure to find unique, high-quality items in the city’s local boutiques. You could also spend a day window shopping and admiring the cool Scandi style that every store and shopper seems to have.

Another option is to hit up the Den Bla Hal Flea Market. Yes, you’ll find the usual bric-a-brac, furniture, clothing, and vinyl, but since Danes have such impeccable taste, it’s also likely you’ll find a gem or two if you search hard enough.

8. Authentic Jazz Clubs

Many jazz greats not only performed in Denmark, but they also lived there during the ’50s and ’60s. Jazz fans will be happy to hear that the strong association between Copenhagen and jazz is still alive and well.

The best places to hear live jazz in Copenhagen are Jazzhus Montmarte and Jazzcup. They both promise vibrant performances and an authentic, old school atmosphere for a musical experience to remember.

9. Perfect Palaces

As well as cutting-edge architecture and design, Copenhagen is also home to three sprawling palaces. They’re all must-sees for different reasons.

At Christiansborg, you can climb the tower for free, at Amalienborg, you can watch the changing of the guards, and at Rosenborg, you can admire the beautiful Knights’ Hall.

If you have time to venture out of the city, make sure to head to Hillerød where you can visit Frederiksborg Palace. Surrounded by a lake, Frederiksborg is likely to be the quaintest castle you’ll ever see.

10. Late-Night Nightlife

If all that culture and cycling hasn’t worn you out yet, you’ll be glad to hear that Copenhagen is a late-night city.

Bars and cafes stay open late, so there’s no need to cut the party short or head to an expensive club. There are even some bars that stay open 24/7.

Reasons to Visit Copenhagen

So, is Copenhagen worth visiting? If cutting-edge design, elaborate architecture, delicious cuisine, and buzzing nightlife aren’t enough to persuade you, we don’t know what will.

The truth is that Copenhagen has it all going on. As anyone who’s been to Denmark’s capital will tell you, there are many more reasons to visit Copenhagen, not least of which to see for yourself just how friendly the locals are!

For more travel inspiration, be sure to check out other blog posts on the site.



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