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Travel Blogger from Norway
Travel Blogger from Norway
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10 Publications That Will Pay You for Travel Writing

25 Jan 10 Publications That Will Pay You for Travel Writing

Perhaps, you’ve been a travel writer! You would often be accustomed to writing just because you want to. Many writers do this simply because they love creating contents or they love blogging. Indeed, discoveries have shown that an EssayPro would always want to write for the fun of it.

Instead of doing all these for free or for the fun, why don’t you just go ahead and get paid for it? It is however surprising that some travel writers are not aware that some publications pay for their travel writings. Here are ten of those that pay:

  1. Matador Network

This Network functions with hundreds of photographers, writers, and filmmakers. From big wigs to small creators, the Matador Network ensure they publish mostly all. It is one of the leading resources you can find out there for starter travel bloggers.

The MatadorU permits you to seek for opportunities that have particular calls for submissions with market leads posted oftentimes by the editorial team of the Resource. They pay about $40 for all commissioned articles. Even if you are bothered about your ability to write, you can always get help from Xpertwriters.com.

  1. Verge Magazine

Verge Magazine is another publication that pays you for your travel writing effort. It is small and digital-driven and made in Canada. Verge particularly searches for write-ups that have a purpose. This may come in form of studying, volunteering, working or some other reasonable causes for travelling.

The audience is mainly individuals who are socially aware and want to make difference. They may not be opting for folks who focus on a specific setup or self-promotion. They, however, are more particular about a common theme or issue. With respect to the payment, they only charge a little flat fee regarding contributions.

  1. The Expeditioner

This publication features news, travel articles, videos and lots more from many of the premium travel writers and gifted bloggers all over the world. They are searching for travel stories which are written in first person narrative mode. These articles need to be well written, informative so that enthusiastic travellers in posterity can find them meaningful. They place priority on personal experience due to its rich and first-hand account of travel experience. So, if you love writing your travel experience, this could be an amazing opportunity for you.

Oftentimes, they would prefer that articles should be formatted in an American style with brilliant and relevant photos. They only pay $30 per article for every 1200 words and above. If you are familiar with Essay Writing Land, you would realize that travel writing is just one of the numerous ways through which your tour can pay you back.

  1. Go World Travel

This Resource takes in writers from all over the world, as long as you can write expertly and you can distinguish yourself from the run-of-the-mill articles. They nonetheless expect that the mode of writing should be about a place.

They are searching for straightforward, descriptive writers who implore people to get around and sightsee the places themselves. If you offer paper writing service, and you were instructed to offer a descriptive piece, you would not find it difficult to work with Go World Travel. Short stories, keenness relating to the place and a frank insight into the personal orientations relating to it, are those things they focus on. They pay about $30 to $40 for each article, as long as it is up to 1600 words.

  1. Tales to Go

As a travel writer, you may also choose to write for Tales to Go on matters which are present on the Resource’s website. Just endeavour to read some of their recent issues to glean an idea of the style of writing and the sorts of stories they are going after. Concerning their payment, they offer $50 for each submission and they are more likely to opt for articles that are 1000 to 3000 words.

  1. Great Escape Publishing

The focus of Great Escape Publishing is on working as you travel. Therefore, in the event that you have a passion for blogging, you will most likely prefer these guys. You may register for their newsletter to get along with the mode in which they publish.

For each request you make on their website, they would pay you about $50 – $75 and would give you about $100 – $150 for all the personal stories and interviews. Some of the writers who offer UK Best Essays don’t miss this publication. You too should not.

  1. Listverse

This Resource is looking for travel writers that can pin down a unique, interesting listicle (list-articles). They are after writers to think uniquely with optional views, surreptitious knowledge, or some special fact on a specific subject matter. They pay $100 for each submission. And with this, you need to be capable of creating a PayPal Account.

  1. Fund Your Life Overseas & Incomes Abroad

The resource emphasizes making money as you go about or you go abroad. They desire stories concerning someone you are related to or if you live on a portable revenue. They pay $75 for e-newsletters from Fund Your Life Overseas and they also pay $400 for each story on Incomes Abroad.

  1. Viator Blog

On the condition that you are very conversant with a particular destination, then Viator may be your choice publication. They always look for people with a couple of experience of an entire region and who can regularly pen articles. Their payment is $45 for each post.

  1.           Wanderlust Travel Magazine

This produces only ten issues every year, therefore getting published is hard! IF you’re writing for the first time we advise that you aim for shorter slots. Back and forth, they’ll choose talented individuals in a skilled manner. They pay relatively – sometimes £220 for one thousand published words or £90 for each fact page getting to 750 words.


The various paying publications we have discussed here are just some of the beneficial and interesting ones. Notwithstanding, it is best advised for you to follow the instructions of these publications so that you can get premium benefits.

Author Bio:

Lilian Chifley is an IT specialist, teacher, and blogger from Sydney. She loves to talk about artificial intelligence and modern education. You can find Lilian on Facebook and Twitter.

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