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Travel Blogger from Norway
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10 Essential Tips for Travelling to Dubai

12 Apr 10 Essential Tips for Travelling to Dubai

Dubai is a very cool destination and it is considered as one of the best places to travel in the international tourism industry. But it is good to take some details to have a good trip. Here’s what you need to know before you go to Dubai:

 Religion, rules and customs in Dubai

Although Dubai is more liberal than its emirate neighbors, it remains a Muslim majority area. Do not worry, you can walk in shorts through the streets and go in bikinis to the beach (even better if you go to the private beaches), but it is good to avoid public displays of affection, such as kissing in public, for example.It is also forbidden to drink in public in Dubai. Tourists can even to the bars and drink there. Prices are very salty and if you are caught with drugs, you will definitely be arrested.

 Visa for Dubai and Abu Dhabi

To enter the United Arab Emirates you need a visa. But rest assured, for it is not a long and boring process to achieve. You can request it directly by email. If you have purchased your ticket from Emirates Airlines, they do this process for you. For some countries, residents do not even need a visa.


Best time to travel to Dubai

Dubai is super hot so it is better if you go between October and April, as temperatures are milder and it is considered to be the best time to travel to Dubai. In February, the average temperature is 25 to 28 degrees. At other times such as June, temperature rises up to 43 degrees and the humidity is high.

 Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is tax-free zone so you can buy a lot of things there at affordable prices. The airport is a class apart. The duty-free is almost a mall. If your connecting flight transit is long enough, take the opportunity to shop at the airport.


It is not mandatory, but recommended to have Yellow Fever vaccine before your trip to the Dubai. Once again, the process is super easy: take the vaccine at a health clinic for free or at a low cost, and then take the voucher to the concerned department of your city. There they will generate a Certificate of International Immunization, and it will be valid to prove their protection.

 Climate in Dubai

Dubai is hot on an unbearable level. The temperature is always high. So it is recommended to keep sunblocks and water with you when you travel to Dubai.



The spoken language is Arabic, which is very difficult to understand. But rest assured, because everyone speaks English, not only in hotels, but also taxi drivers, and on other public places, so it is easier to communicate in Dubai. If you do not speak English at all, you can find some communication difficulties, since most of the country is made up of immigrants, and the accent is a bit heavy, which makes it difficult to understand some things. But in general, people speak well, and are very polite, always willing to help.

 Currency in Dubai

The official currency of Dubai is the Dirham (AED). One US Dollar is about 3.67 Dirham.

 Is it safe to travel to Dubai?

Regarding security: Dubai is super safe. You can walk on the streets during days and nights with all your gadgets and valuables without any worry. It is very peaceful and you will not feel threatened by anyone or anything.

Movement and transport

There are a lot of options in Dubai to move or travel. You can use taxis, metros and also rental cars to travel from place to place. Moreover, there are some shuttle services as well which can aid your travelling in Dubai.

Everything is huge and almost everything is luxurious in Dubai because it is a city of contrasts. It seems unbelievable to find such an oasis of tranquillity in the middle of a conflict-ridden region like the Middle East.


Author Bio:

Throughout her career, Sarah Feldman has worked as a correspondent with global property consultants and researched about different development projects like One Palm Dubai, Estella Villas, XXII Carat, Bromellia Villas and other luxury residential projects. She attended many conferences and seminars of property consultants which made her produce her own genuine property content work.

  • Bong Daco
    Posted at 11:57h, 01 May Reply

    Great tips for for tourists visiting Dubai. Thanks for sharing!

  • Christine K
    Posted at 13:08h, 01 May Reply

    Nice overview for preparing for a visit to Dubai. You are so right about the heat and best to prepare for it. Also, you are correct in that transport is easy and not expensive. Enjoyed reading the post.

  • Gareth
    Posted at 09:59h, 02 May Reply

    Great tips here! Certainly, before travelling to Dubai, I was a little wary about the customs and was convinced that I was going to be make regular faux pas. Really however, with a little sensitivity and forethought, it can be a great part of the world to visit. Can’t agree more with choosing a cooler time of the year to visit however. I got absolutely roasted in July!

  • Oursweetadventures
    Posted at 11:44h, 03 May Reply

    I have always wanted to travel and see Dubai. To see the Palm Jumeriah would be a dream!

  • Sandy N Vyjay
    Posted at 20:39h, 03 May Reply

    Nice pointers you made. Simple, precise and well explained. What people would like about Dubai is even if it is an Arab muslim country it’s free and open city. But still, as a visitors should always be reminded to respect the practices that they have.

  • Riely
    Posted at 22:31h, 04 May Reply

    Great tips for travellers heading to Dubai. It’s good to be prepared for the heat and know the best months to travel there. Dubai looks beautiful definitely a place I would love to visit.

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